Cambridge Bound : The Saturday Stroll

Writing the very first post in a blog can be challenging, exciting and i guess a bit overwhelming! It took me a while to find that perfect post to introduce myself and the blog to the world and after a lot of thinking (together with high consumption of chocolate and about 2 glasses of wine…!) i decided that the first post would be something relaxed! And what is more relaxed that a Saturday stroll around Cambridge??

I have been in Cambridge since late August 2017 and of course i still haven’t visited the whole city…it might be small but there are plenty of things to do! And although every weekend we just walk around in the center, do some shopping and wonder without any plan this weekend we decided that we need something more specific! So what better than brunch and a visit to Cambridge colleges!

First stop : Hot Numbers Coffee… I heard about this place a while ago and as a coffee and brunch enthusiast i though it would be the perfect opportunity to try it this Saturday due to its close proximity in the colleges! We arrived around noon in the coffee shop on Trumpigton Street which was buzzing with young people. We found a small, cozy table and ordered in the counter. I ordered the scrambled eggs on sourdough bread and of course a cup of single origin filter coffee with a splash of milk! And since the desserts were looking just great we shared a bread pudding.

Scramble eggs on sourdough bread

Although i wanted to take plenty of photos (still try to think as a blogger rather than just a visitor in a place) i was so excited with the coffee shop and the food across me that i just managed to snap one photo before starting to savor my eggs! The rumors about the place were true…great coffee (the best i had for quite a while!), scrambled eggs fluffy and sourdough bread really delicious! As for the bread pudding…divine! I had to really fight for the last bit in the plate! Definitely i will be back to Hot Numbers Coffee soon and this time i will just have my phone ready (oh yes all images will be taken with my iphone 8S) to snap as many pictures as possible and share with you that cozy coffee shop!

Kings College
Kings College Court

Next stop: Kings College and St. Johns College…Since i am a member of the University we could get in for free which really worth (the Uni card just gives access to the holder and another 1-2 visitors which is a good deal especially when visiting different colleges). Both really pretty, with great surroundings and architecture and with lots of history to come with! We couldn’t access the halls and libraries but I loved the Kings College Church, it was just one of the most spectacular i have seen so far and the Bridge of Sighs with the river Cam and the paddlers just made the view picturesque! The weather didn’t do us a favor this Saturday so it was just gloomy with drizzle (and quite cold!!!!) but still it made everything more atmospheric! Sometimes winter has its own beauty and i think the dark sky made the Kings College buildings look more majestic!

River Cam from Kings College
Bridge of Sighs
Bridge of Sighs from St. Johns College

We tried to visit Trinity College also but unfortunately it was closed to visitors due to a private event…maybe next time we will be more lucky!

So this was my Saturday stroll around Cambridge and my first post In The Milky Twilight! It feels nice to be sharing with you a bit of my days and looking forward to the next posts and to get to know all of you better! More to follow soon and i hope to see you around!

Until then don’t forget to live the glam life!

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