February’s Treat: Coconut Milk Hair Mask by Luseta

I am one of these people that constantly like trying new things…whether it is a new technique at work (that later i regret starting because it took too much time!) or a new hair and makeup product! And with the beauty products it happens more often especially with luxurious and pricey things that i want to buy but don’t know if they are going to fit for me! For that reason when i moved to UK (and got a permanent address!) i immediately searched for subscription boxes and signed up without thinking it a lot for the Birchbox subscription box. I am pretty sure most of you have heard about it but if not here are some information!


One of the things i will do every month is to pick a beauty product i loved from my monthly Birchbox and make a small review about it! And of course i will give the whole month to myself to try them so that i get a better feeling about the products and pick the one that really ticked all the boxes (and i am considering buying the full product)! From February’s box almost all products were a delight but for me the Coconut Milk Hair Mask by Luseta was the best!

Trying coconut hair masks is always a struggle for me…although the day i do the mask i get smooth and soft hair the next day is a mess since they become faster oily and heavy and impossible to style. So when i saw that my February’s Birchbox contains a coconut hair mask i was a bit stressed out…what if i get again a product that doesn’t work for me? Fortunately that was not the case with the Luseta Coconut Hair Mask. I have already finished the small size tube and used it once per week and for me that is one of the best hair masks i have tried so far. It only takes a pea size amount (ok for my long hair it is a big pea!) and 5 minutes and then my hair felt great, healthy, soft and smooth! And the next day it was still the same…no heavy hair, easy to style with my straightener and stayed silk and without grease! What made me more excited is that i left my hair unwashed for another 24 hours and still perfect! My curls managed to hold and my hair were not oily at all!

Luseda Mask
Coconut Milk Hair Mask

Into the practical information now…small size hair mask comes in a nice light blue packaging (which is the color of the whole line from Luseta with Coconut Milk products), nice thick consistency so that a little is enough to do the job and great coconut smell not that strong so you don’t feel like a Bounty afterwards! I used it in wet hair after my regular shampoo but it can be used also in dry hair and it only needs to be applied for 5 minutes and wash well afterwards. It is suitable for damaged and dry hair and protects against hair damage, so that they grow faster and nicer! Reading a bit more about the product in Luseta website i also found out that it is free of harsh chemicals like parabens, sulfate and phosphate that damage the hair more. As for the price you can find it for £26.00 in the Birchbox shop for the 16.9oz size which believe me will last way longer than you think!

It is already on my list to buy the full size product (and i will do so asap through the Birchbox site and take advantage of my 10% off the price!) and for sure i will browse through the Luseta products and find others that will make my hair look shiny and smooth!

Until next time don’t forget to live the glam life!

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