Let’s pull an All Nighter with Urban Decay

It was always a struggle for me to find the perfect foundation and concealer, you know the ones that will provide coverage without drying the skin, looking dull and go away after 2 hours. I have tried a bunch of products the past years, from drug store to high end and i was never really excited with any. My skin changes constantly depending on the weather, day of the month, my mood (or even the moon!)  so every time i had to switch foundations to get that great cover. And with the concealers is a never ending story as well. I have dark circles under my eyes, the veins are quite obvious (and annoying) and i also have the tendency of dry skin in the area. So you can imagine that finding a single concealer to cover all the problems is just difficult! All that trouble was gone some months ago when i met Urban Decay’s All Nighter foundation and the All Nighter concealer and then my world changed!

Urban decay graphicI know Urban Decay several years now and i am in love with their Naked Pallets (the Naked Basics is still my one and only!) but i never really tried any other products until the previous summer. I visited my hometown’s Sephora for my next day wedding shooting makeup and the makeup artist there (great girl did an awesome job in just under 1 hour!) used the All Nighter foundation on my skin and of course got me all hooked! Not only my skin looked flawless but also the foundation stayed on for hours despite the heat (July in Greece means high temperatures!) and it felt so light even with such coverage!

All nigther foundation
All Nighter Foundation

I have been using the All Nighter Liquid Foundation for almost 3 months now every day and night and i find it extraordinarily awesome! It provides high coverage and a matte finish while it can last the whole day and night without any oily feeling or shine. And the best part is that is a good value for money! Although it might be a bit expensive, a little goes a long way since it is highly pigmented and there is no need to apply multiple layers to build any coverage. I usually add one pump in the morning and blend it well with a makeup sponge and that is all! Its waterproof consistency helps me also after the gym where my foundation is still there and flawless!

All Nighter concealer.jpg
All Nighter Concealer

As for the All Nighter Concealer that was just what i needed for so long now. Consistency is thick and highly pigmented so once again you only need a tinny amount well blended to cover all the faulty areas under the eyes, the blemishes in your skin and any spots that just annoy you a bit more! It also provides high coverage and stays put for hours, while it works nicely in combination with the All Nighter Foundation or the Naked Skin Liquid Makeup.  Just the perfect concealer for day and night and for flawless skin!

Both products have also great packaging… round tall bottles with gunmetal effect color and asymmetric cutouts, with the All Nighter Concealer to be a cute mini version of the foundation. The All Nighter Foundation comes with a high precision air pump (getting out the amount needed to provide a nice coverage) while the All Nighter Concealer has its own paddle applicator which makes it convenient to apply and easy to carry with you!

With the All Nighter Foundation and Concealer combo i always look flawless day and night and i have a thing less to worry when i pull an all nighter (at least my makeup stays put even after the dancing and drinking and been tired by the end of the night and will help me cover everything by the morning!)!

Until next time don’t forget to live the glam life!

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2 thoughts on “Let’s pull an All Nighter with Urban Decay

  1. I have only heard good things about this foundation, and I still haven’t had the chance to try it out yet! I was using the YSL All Hours Foundation, which I loved, but found to be super pricey. Right now I’m using the Too Faced Born This Way, and it’s too early to know whether I love it or not.
    I do know that I love the Urban Decay All Nighter Setting Spray! Great post! Definitely a foundation to consider once mine runs out xx

    Melina | http://www.melinaelisa.com


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