Apivita Foam Cleanser : going back to my roots

I constantly realize that i am a person of habit when it comes to some things. As much as i like trying new stuff, there are some products that i cannot live without and that i always need around! It happens to me with everything from food products (i always have around a Kinder Bueno just in case and even if i live in countries with the best chocolate sometimes i go and buy only Kinder Bueno because is the best am i right??) to beauty products, especially the ones that never disappointed me even for a bit!

So today i want to talk to you about one beauty product that i always have around and that i know i cannot stop using…this is the Foam Cleanser for Face and Eyes by Apivita! But before i tell you more about it, let me just give you a small introduction about Apivita and why i feel like going back to my roots every time i use their products!

Apivita is a Greek company that has been around from as early as 1975 producing natural products using beekeeping ingredients and herbs that the great biodiversity of Greece has to offer! They have a natural holistic view about the way they develop their products with each one of them tackling different problems at the same time like hydration, prevention or treatment from signs of aging, protection from environmental agents and many more! Moreover they try to use 85-100% natural ingredients keeping away those that are not good for us like silicone, parabens etc. And that is just a part of their philosophy so before i continue just talking about how great their are visit their webpage here to learn more about Apivita!

Back to the product of today’s post! I have used plenty of Apivita products during my life and i still own a bunch that have been a huge part of my beauty routine…the one that i use almost every day is the Foam Cleanser for Face Eyes with Olive and Lavender! I always pack a bottle or two in my suitcase when i travel from Greece, there is always a bottle at my home in Greece when i visit there and of course it is the one i give as a gift to my favorite people when they ask me to bring them a piece of Greek beauty!

The Foam Cleanser comes in a brown transparent bottle of 200ml (or the 300ml limited edition bottle with a nice lavender pattern around) with a pump that makes it easy to use. It contains olive and wheat proteins, that moisturize the skin, propolis that works as an antiseptic and antioxidant and lavender extract that soothes the skin and gives a very discreet scent! About 92% of ingredients are natural, with mild cleansing agents and soap wort to remove dirt and makeup from the skin without any irritation or dehydration and all water replaced by green tea to provide further antioxidant action.

I use 1-2 pumps everyday in damp face, gently massage to remove makeup and dirt, leave it for about 30 seconds on my skin and then rinse thoroughly. Even my water proof mascara is gone with a bit of rubbing using my cleansing sponge, while my eyes are not irritated at all. I love how fresh my skin feels afterwards and how everything is taken off…for me using the Foam Cleanser by Apivita and the way it makes me feel is a signal that another day is gone and now i can finally relax! And when another cleanser has made its way to my beauty routine, i will still have my Apivita product somewhere around and use even a small pump just for that relaxing feeling!

Apivita stores can be found in several countries apart from Greece (the most convenient for me been the one in the duty free area of Athens International Airport), such as Japan, Spain and Cyprus while for us living in the UK all their products can be purchased online in their website.

I love using natural products and i am trying more and more to care about what i use in my beauty routine…Apivita is always my go to for all natural ingredients and also it always reminds me of home…taking me back to my Greek roots and that smell of herbs, honey and sea.

Try some of their products and i am sure you will feel that Greek aura!

Until next time don’t forget to live the glam life!

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