Four Happy Things March Edition

Last weeks have been pretty busy…work, meetings, experiments, blogging, trying to go to the gym, house thing you know the usual…All that make days pass by fast and me not realizing how we are already a little after middle March! And this is how it goes always right? Not enough time every day to do all the things we want. But even in the mist of the crazy 24 hour day i do find things here and there that make me happy, give me a small smile and just shake my routine! Or things that make my every day easier and nicer!

All these moments and things i will share with you in my new series called Four Happy Things…just some photos showing you something from my every day life!

PHILIPS Wake Up Light
our wake up light by Philips makes morning wake up easier
a light blue make up bag as a present from Look Fantastic with my purchases
Sunny Day
sunny warm morning on my way to work
sharing delicious crepes (and Nutella) with friends

Looking forward to hear more about yours and what can make you smile!

Until next time don’t forget to live the glam life!

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