March’s Treat : Protect & Volume Spray by Beauty Protector

My post for today is from the blog series with my favorite treat from the month’s Birchbox! If you don’t know Birchbox subscription box then check my previous post here to get some more information! March’s Birchbox was full of great products (you can see more about the whole box on my instagram account!) and although among them there was the hit of the month Bad Gal Bang Mascara by Benefit (i love love love it!) i decided to write about another favorite that was also a brand new company for me!

So for my March Birchbox favorite i present to you the Protect & Volume Spray by Beauty Protector!

I have already several hair products that i really like using and i tend to stick to them since it takes me a while to find that perfect one. I don’t really switch that easily when it comes to volume and heat protecting sprays. But when i saw  the small cute white bottle with the light blue letters from Beauty Protector i couldn’t just skip it and not give it a go!

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The Protect & Volume Spray promises to increase volume without stickiness, shine the hair without weighing them down, protect from thermal styling and last but not least create smooth and soft texture while there is no build up of product! Moreover it is free of parabens and vegan. What i noticed using it for the whole month of March is that it keeps its promises and is an excellent product for my hair!

I spray 2-3 pumps in toweled dried hair, comb and then style them as usual normally with a blow drier and my straightening iron. First thing that i love in this product is the smell… it lingers for the whole day, it is a sweet scent that reminds me of cotton candy (yes cotton candy!) but it is so subtle that it is just perfect! Although while spraying it seems a bit sticky it quickly dries and with the comb it gets evenly distributed all over the hair. I noticed that my hair look and feel voluminous (i have thin hair and i can really tell when a product gives some more volume), they are smooth and soft and even the next day they can hold curls made with a flat iron without feeling heavy or greasy. Also it keeps hairs from flying all over the place and seems to protect nicely from any thermal styling. I did notice though that there is some stickiness especially when there is more sprayed in a part so try to avoid spraying at a specific part and comb really well to spread it everywhere.

All in all it is a great product that i recommend if you have thin hair, you need extra volume and you also struggle with holding curls for longer than an hour while you need your hair soft and protected! I will definitely buy the full size which is for £21.50 found in the Birchbox site and use it for smooth hair that stay in place! It will be my new addition to my hair product routine! I am really happy that i got to know the Beauty Protector products and to learn more about them through my monthly subscription.

Let me know if you know the Beauty and Protect products!

Until the next time don’t forget to live the glam life!

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8 thoughts on “March’s Treat : Protect & Volume Spray by Beauty Protector

  1. This product sounds amazing! I too have thin hair and really suffer from my hair being super flat so I will definitely keep an eye out for this products as I could really use some volume in my hair! xx

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