Four Happy Things April Edition

We are almost in the middle of April and it is time for another post on my four happy things, you know these here and there that made my days better!

We decided on Easter Saturday to spend our day in London and visit the Natural History Museum which was incredible! As a biologist i am always fascinated by these museums and this is just a dream come true! Especially when i got to see a first edition of Darwin’s Theory of Species book and things that i was taught through my studies it just made it worth 1000 times! Also the building itself is just a masterpiece! Totally recommend a visit to all and the free entry just makes it even more appealing!


a visit in the Natural History Museum

We got to try the Go Viet Restaurant in South Kensington (find the link here) just by chance while looking for late lunch and we were amazed not only by the delicious food but the drinks also! These are non – alcoholic cocktails that pleasantly surprised me (i am very picky when it comes to cocktails cause i have tried plenty all these years and non-alcoholic are not always my favorite) since they did not resemble a juice but rather an actual cocktail! On the left is the Halo Tamarind and on the right the Lemongrass Wacker.

Go Viet_London_Drinks
non-alcoholic cocktails at Go Viet in London,

The good thing when working in a lab is that there is always some treat around and this Easter we got to share a box full of Hotel Chocolat Easter Treats (find the link here )! All of them were delicious but the Egg Box had really interesting and tasty combinations!

getting Easter chocolate in the lab,

The last thing that really made me happy was that i got to finalize my blog’s logo! Yay!!! It has been a while that i tried to find one that looks as i wanted and fits my blog so i was so happy to get that sleek look at last!! Thanks to Canva (find the link here), the free online tool i am using for graphics i got to make one that i love!

In The Milky Twiligh_Logo
blog’s logo finalized


These are my four happy things for April! Let me know how you like the new blog logo and what are your happy things for the month! You know the one’s that make you smile when you think of them and make your days happier!

Until next time don’t forget to live the glam life!

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