A month with Monat Hair Products**

** Disclaimer: anything reviewed in this post was provided to me by a market partner of Monat Global in Canada for feature/review. The opinions in this post are my genuine opinions upon testing the products and are not indicative of the positions or opinions of Monat Global.

In today’s post i write about the Monat Hair Products, a high end hair product line that comes from USA and Canada and May 1st is launching also in UK. If you need to learn more about Monat Global hair products visit their website here with information about their products, scheme of getting involved and everything you need to know!

Coming to their products now…I was contacted by Amy a market partner of Monat Canada and she asked me whether i would like to test some of the Monat hair products and share my opinion with all of you. From a quick search on the internet i found out that their products have controversial reviews…some people find them amazing while others seem to be unhappy with them and in some cases even faced problems. But that is always with any product is getting reviewed right? Opinions are personal and not everything works the same for all! So i wanted to give them a try and see by myself the high end, nature-based products that are about to hit the markets of UK and of course i told Amy to send me some and give it a go! And some before and after images were pretty convincing too!

I received a nice package with different products from the Volume Series in sample sizes together with their Rejuveniqe Oil, a Control Hair Spray and a small hairbrush in a very nice purple purse (lovely color i have to say) and of course the instructions of how to use each one of them! I tried the products in a period of one month, with about 8 washes in total while leaving my hair for 2 days without washing them and the rest of the days i used my every day shampoo and conditioner as usual. So that you know my hair are long, thin, colored (i have an ombre hair style with darker roots and lighter medium blond ends made with a balayage) and tend to fall easily. During the month of testing i visited also the hair salon to do a root touch up (grey hair always make their appearance!)!


My routine started with a small amount of Revive Shampoo which i warmed up in my hands, massaged gently all over my head rinsed and repeat a second time as mentioned in the instructions. The next step was to add a small amount of the Replenish Masque and leave it for 10 minutes from roots to ends. And then the last step in the shower was to rinse well and add the Revive Conditioner leave it for one minute and again rinse well! What i noticed was that the shampoo gives you an initial feeling of dry hair but once i finished the whole routine my hair felt smooth, soft and clean. Even if you skip the masque and go directly to the conditioner the feeling stays the same, hydrated and controlled hair! I noticed also that it was easier to comb and style them while even two days after washing my hair they looked really nice and didn’t feel heavy at all! My curls also held for longer which is something that happens rarely without the help of other styling products! As for the volume, i did see a small improvement with more volume in the roots after styling them which was really pleasant and made them look great!

Monat_Rejuveniqe Oil

Among the products was also the Rejuveniqe Oil Intensive which as i noticed is one of the favorites among the people that used the Monat System but i have to say it was not mine. I used it in every way i could, either by adding it in the end of my shower routine and rinsing it well or after i towel dried my hair and leaving it on or even overnight. I have to be honest i really didn’t get along with that product and in fact every time i used it i didn’t like how my hair felt afterwards. In general i know that my thin hair and oils are not a good combination and my hair felt heavy and really oily while the smell was just not for me. I guess this product probably works for people with thick hair that tend to frizz a lot so i cannot say that it is not good…rather that it was not compatible with me so i stopped using it. Give it a try maybe it will be good on your hair!


The last product was the Refinished Control Spray which i sprayed either while blow drying my hair or afterwards instead of my usual hair spray. I liked that it was not making my hair heavy or sticky and it provided them with more volume in the roots. I liked also the fact that you could brush off any excess product and that the hold of my hairstyle was very good, even for the windy weather in Cambridge!

All in all i was really pleased with the Monat products i tried and apart from the Rejuveniqe Oil that didn’t work for me the rest did an excellent job. Even when i washed my hair with my regular shampoo and conditioner which are just drugstore products, they still kept that nice and smooth feeling and they were easier to control for styling. And for the month i used them i did not see any irregular hair loss or side effect coming from the products. Of course we shouldn’t wash our hair every day and i think that with the Monat products going longer than two days will just work since hair feel and look good every day! In my case i don’t leave my hair longer than two days without washing since any allergens trapped in them cause me problem but if i could i still will go a day more since hair felt clean and nice! You may get that dry feeling from the shampoo but the masque and conditioner will revive your hair and give them all the hydration needed and that can be kept for 2 days straight even after styling.

The question is would i buy them and spend that much money on hair products, with each one of them coming to a cost between £30-£85…? The answer is no for using them  as regular hair products but yes for using them as a spa treatment every month! The shampoo, conditioner and masque all together come in the price of £85 and i would consider purchasing them instead of other high end brands in order to use them 4-5 times per month and give my hair that boost of smoothness and softness!

If you are interested in trying the Monat Products have a look at their website and check where you can find them from 1st May here in UK! And stay tuned in my blog and social media since soon there will be a giveaway including Monat products for one lucky girl to try them!

Until the next time don’t forget to live the glam life!

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  1. Thanks so much for your review!! I appreciate your detail :). I’d be happy to help with any further questions about product, company or the very exciting UK launch!


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