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I am Aliki a day-time scientist and night-time blogger, creator of the Cambridge based lifestyle blog In The Milky Twilight!

I was born and raised in Greece and in the beautiful city of Athens i lived from the 1st year until the age of 24 when i decided to move away in different places in Europe to pursue my biggest loves research and biology!

For the last months i am based in Cambridge, the first city i ever lived in UK, trying to  still get used to the weather! I am working as a research associate in the University, and living with my lovely husband Mr. who shares the same passion with me about science, food, TV series and Playstation (yes you read right!)! Most of my day is spend between pipettes, experiments, meetings and studying but i never forget to do things that will make me relax by the end of the day!

Little things that make me happy: a good gin based cocktail, a funny message in the morning from my lovely friends all over the world, successfully making a new recipe and walking on sunshine (since my feet is my major way of transport around Cambridge)!

About the blog

In The Milky Twilight is for those trying to fit everything in 24 hours like me and looking for things related to beauty, food, lifestyle and places (not only in Cambridge and UK, but also here and there!).

I was inspired by one of my favorite song of all time “Kiss Me” by Sixpense None The Richer which got me through my teenage times and describes this first love and kiss (and of course was the soundtrack of  ”She is all that” THE 90s teenage movie!) and got the name of my blog from one of their lines.

I hope to have you by my side in this journey and i want to welcome you to the glam life!

See you around!

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